Big Green Egg Prices

When I tried to find Big Green Egg prices on the internet, I became pretty frustrated. Why isn’t this information readily available on the manufacturer’s site? Well, the Big Green Egg company doesn’t actually sell directly to the consumer, but instead to “brick and mortar” stores (places you go to get patio stuff, or pool supplies). Each of these local distributors can set their own price based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, much like a car dealership. So I called several Big Green Egg dealers across the USA to try and get ballpark figures on the cost of the different sized Big Green Eggs. The prices I list here are representative of the most common price, based on calls to several dealers. I did not include tax, or any of the Big Green Egg accessories you end up purchasing. You will at the very least need a place to set your grill, so expect some additional cost on top of the prices listed. Your mileage may vary depending on what part of the country you live in, but the price shouldn’t be too far from what I list here.

Extra Large Big Green Egg:

This is the grand daddy of them all. The Extra Large Egg is easily big enough to feed your family, and probably a small army, with 452 sq. in. of cooking space. Add some grid extenders for even more room and you can probably start a catering business with just one of these things. I’ve seen some pictures of people fitting an absurd amount of food on an Extra Large Egg; more than a dozen racks of ribs, or about a dozen whole chickens. If you are a true grill master and have the need to feed the masses, the Extra Large Egg may be right for you. Be careful trying to move this beast though, the Extra Large Egg weighs in at a whopping 219 lbs.
Cost: $1229 + Extra Large Big Green Egg Nest

Large Big Green Egg:

The Large Egg is the most popular size of all the sizes, and for good reason. The Large Egg has a generous cooking space of 255 sq. in., enough to happily feed most families and tailgaters. I personally own a Large Big Green Egg, and I am extremely pleased with the amount of food I can grill at once. Here’s a short list of things I’ve grilled; 7 racks of ribs, a huge turkey, a few dozen chicken wings, and a dozen burgers. Needless to say, the Large Egg has the cooking capacity to satisfy all but the biggest of gatherings without the girth of the Extra Large Egg. Moving the Large Big Green Egg isn’t as difficult, as it only weighs 160 lbs.
Cost: $889 + Large Big Green Egg Nest

Medium Big Green Egg:

If you don’t have too many mouths to feed, consider the Medium Big Green Egg. With a modest cooking space of 177 sq. in., the Medium Egg should be plenty for a small family or couple. The Medium Egg should be able to handle most backyard get-togethers, though the addition of a Grid Extender probably wouldn’t hurt. The Medium Egg is the ultimate compromise, providing a perfect balance of cooking capacity and cost. Don’t be concerned about lugging this thing around, either, it only weighs 114 lbs.
Cost: $699 + Medium Big Green Egg Nest

Small Big Green Egg:

If you’re single, or you live in an apartment high-rise, you can still enjoy the Big Green Egg. The Small Big Green Egg is compact enough to fit on small balconies or patios, and offers 133 sq. in. of cooking space (plenty enough for 1). Another great use for the Small Egg is as a side-kick for your larger Egg. You can prepare tons of protein on Extra Large or Large Egg while doing all your sides on the Small.
Cost: $569 + Small Big Green Egg Nest

Mini Big Green Egg:

If you’re constantly on the go, but want to have your trusty Big Green Egg at your side then look no further than the Mini Big Green Egg! With a cooking surface of just 78.5 sq. in., the Mini is not meant to cook for large groups of people. The advantage, though, is that you can take the Mini Egg with you anywhere: camping, boating, tail-gating, or wherever you want the Big Green Egg experience. Careful though, you cannot get a Plate Setter to fit in the Mini Big Green Egg. Ultra-portable, the Mini Egg weighs just 30 lbs.
Cost: $429 + Mini Big Green Egg Nest

Big Green Egg Nests, Tables and Accessories:

When you purchase a Big Green Egg, you can’t just have it sitting on the ground! All dealers will sell you the basic “Egg Nest,” which is simply just a metal stand for your Egg (this is what I have). Egg dealers get extremely fancy and will custom build a simple table to hold your Egg, or a full fledged outdoor kitchen with your Egg as the centerpiece. The nests will cost you anywhere from $100 – $150, depending on the size of your Egg and the dealer. Custom tables is an entirely different story, and the price can get into the thousands of dollars depending on how extravagant you want to get. You will also probably want some accessories to go with your new Big Green Egg, which will also add to the final purchase price. Check out my Accessories Reviews to see what I think of several of the Big Green Egg accessories to see if they are right for you, or you can browse the hundreds of Big Green Egg accessories here.