The Ultimate Online Resource for Everything Big Green Egg

Welcome to the Big Green Eggic, the ultimate resource for all things Big Green Egg. My name is Eric, I am a passionate Egghead and I love to grill. I created this website to serve as a knowledge base of everything I know and learn about this amazing ceramic grill. It’s not just about the recipes, but everything else that goes along with owning a Big Green Egg. As I continue to cook I will share my experiences and lessons learned with you. Hopefully, you will share your knowledge and experience with me as well, and together we can build a great online resource. Check out the About Me page to learn more about who I am, why I started this website, and how the heck I got the name Eggic. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to find on this site:

Big Green Egg Accessories:

Have your eye on one of the several Big Green Egg accessories, but can’t decide if it’s worth the money? I’ll give you an honest appraisal of every Big Green Egg accessory I own to help you make your decision. I’ll also purchase some accessories I normally wouldn’t just so I can provide as much information to the community as possible (and to build my collection). Check out the Accessory Reviews pages to get yourself started!

Big Green Egg Basics:

Are you a brand new Egghead struggling to figure out what this ceramic thing is and how to use it? Check out the Basics pages, where you can learn about safety, cooking configurations, how to light your Egg, and more! Oh yeah, if you are a new Egghead, welcome to the family!

Big Green Egg Prices:

Haven’t made the plunge into the Big Green Egg world yet? That’s okay! I know how difficult it can be to figure out exactly what these Eggs will cost, and until now the internet hasn’t been a great place to get that information. The good news is that I’ve done most of the leg work for you! I have compiled all the information you need about the capacity and pricing of all sizes of Eggs. Check out the Big Green Egg Prices page in the navigation menu for more information.

Big Green Egg Maintenance:

The Egg is a well built grill, that’s for sure, but everything needs some TLC. Check out the Maintenance pages to learn how to clean your Big Green Egg, calibrate the dome thermometer, replace your gasket and more! As I maintain my Big Green Egg I will document the process and show you exactly how to keep yours in top shape.

Big Green Egg Recipes:

No Big Green Egg website would be complete without a long list of recipes! My take on recipes is slightly different; since I am not a chef, I’m not going to provide your standard recipes (a dash of this or that). Instead, I’m going to tell you exactly how I prepare the meat, how I configure the Big Green Egg, what dome temperature I cook at, and how long I cook. My goal is to provide easy to understand and concise instruction on how to cook a specific meat (or vegetable) properly. It will be up to you to add you own style and flavors to the dish. I’ll take you step by step through all my cooks like brisket, pizza, steak, and many more.

Big Green Egg Video Series:

I am starting to put together some YouTube videos detailing all the information found under the Basics, Maintenance, and Recipes pages so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Here’s one of my first videos, showing how to use the Grill Gripper. This is just the start, there will be dozens of videos to come! If you have an idea for a video, please let me know!

Community Involvement:

I will be the first to tell you that I do not know everything there is to know about the Big Green Egg, or grilling in general. I need your help to develop this website! Your comments, thoughts, and criticisms are welcomed and needed. Please, if you see something missing, something you disagree with, or if you want to share one of your recipes just contact me. I have every intention of being responsive to the Egghead community, and hope that together we can build an incredible resource for the Big Green Egg!